Case Studies

Retail Industry Case Study

We were approached by a leading retail brand to produce a child restraint harness (lap strap) for a particular application.

We produced a polyester webbing with a waterproof and anti-bacterial finish in various colours. The major challenge was to produce an additional clip fastening which needed to meet a strict specification of break strain. This component was not readily available on the open market.

In conjunction with the customer, we commissioned design and tooling in order to produce our own product. Even though most clients know us as webbing manufacturers, this shows our capability of producing end user applications. The harness was tested and approved to the required British Standard.

Escape Applications Case Study

Traditional emergency escape methods from an elevated position are usually handled by ropes. Two of the problems with using rope are the diameter and form, which can hinder fast descent in an emergency.

We have manufactured webbings for several escape applications where fast but controlled descent is needed from an elevated position in a marine environment.

The breaking strain is vital in this application. The high-performance properties of our nylon webbing not only resist all of the extreme elements that you are likely to encounter, but provides a very smooth, fast and efficient escape.
The webbing is also fluorescent and facilitates compact storage due to its form.

Emergency Service Case Study

Working in the emergency services requires you to work effectively, often while wearing quite bulky clothing and with all of your tools to hand.

Traditional jackets, clothing and equipment for the emergency services all incorporate webbing. We had been asked to work from a design provided by a specialist equipment handling manufacturer and supplier to the emergency services. The design needed a very supple webbing to cope with the tight angles of the application. This was a challenge as no webbing existed in the market to cope with this.

We manufactured a very supple texturised nylon, which would be supple at even the tightest angles, therefore making the tools and jackets easier to operate within emergency situations.

Our R&D department worked hard over a period of 9 months to be the only manufacturer to have delivered this product. It has since been incorporated into other applications.

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