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Our Tapes, Webbing and Made-up items can be used effectively for a number of essential applications to assist in the fight against the virus and keeping people safe whilst maintaining social distancing.  Please read on to find out more….


Our webbing and made-up items are ideal as a component in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Examples include:

Tapes for quick and secure fastening of Medical Scrubs and PPE

Straps for protective face masks

Straps for face shields

Anti-bacterial coating is available to provide additional protection from contamination.


We’re all aware of the importance of social distancing, especially in high traffic areas such as supermarkets, public transport, sport, leisure facilities and hospitality venues.

With lockdown easing and the demand for these sectors beginning to increase, the significance of communicating the importance of social distancing, along with clear instructions, has never been greater.

Printed Webbing and Made-up Items from Bowmer Bond can help with the clear communication of social distancing measures in a wide range of settings.

Print with your message and differentiate with your branding or design. 

Minimum order quantities for printed webbings start at 100 metres.

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Enabling Compliance with Social Distancing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are required to comply with Government guidance and Social Distancing restrictions to control the number of visitors entering their facility or building.  As a result, queues are now an inevitable part of our ‘new normal’ life.

To maintain a safe environment for queuing, Bowmer Bond webbings and printed webbings provide a convenient solution for Queue Management Systems.  Webbing is an essential part of the system which enables it to be flexible, adjustable and portable.

In addition, the Secubond ® Weldable Webbing is ideal for joining PVC tarpaulin fabric for signage, banners and many other solutions.

A wide range of weave patterns, strengths, widths and colours is available.

Bowmer Bond Tapes, Webbings and Made-up items
are manufactured in the UK.

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