Webbing for the Military Sector

Bowmer Bond manufactures webbings and bindings to meet MoD specifications in both IRR and non-IRR versions used in the manufacture of Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE), Clothing, Helmets and Tentage.

The principal range of webbing is detailed in the table below:

Quality No. Width Olive Drab Beige Light Olive
MB 111 19/25/38/50mm 9350F _ _
MB 113/Y 19/25mm 9447F _ _
MB 135/3 19/25/38/50mm 9442 _ _
MB 153/YN 19/25mm 9447 _ _
MB 164 25mm 9351 _ _
MB 111/2 19/25/38/50mm _ 9350H _
MB 113/2 19/25mm _ 9447H _
MB 111 19/25/38/50mm _ _ 9350K
MB 113 19/25mm _ _ 9447K
MB 115 19/25mm _ _ 9442K

We also manufacture a complementary range of webbings to a commercial standard.

Please contact us with details of your requirements. We will be happy to make recommendations and offer advice. We have a flexible approach to manufacturing and we can also offer the facility of holding contract stock for call-off.

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