At the core of our VISION are key values: QUEST

Our Vision is to deliver innovative webbing solutions through:






…. for long-term, shared success

Core Visions & Values - QUEST

Our Vision & Values explained:



We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and strive for continuous improvement through process engineering and innovation.

Our Quality System is a key factor in ensuring customer confidence in our products and processes.

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Bowmer Bond Stakeholders - Interested Parties

US (Stakeholders)

We recognise that our longevity, growth and success are because of the combined input of all stakeholders. Bowmer Bond interacts openly and honestly with all interested parties.

This includes our:

Customers: Working in partnership with our customers to ensure their needs are met.

Suppliers: Sourcing materials from legitimate, approved suppliers.

Employees: It is essential that we invest in and support this important asset through training and professional development to optimise their potential.

Community: Actively engaging with the local community to support local projects and charities.


Advice and Experts Cogs


We pride ourselves on the provision of innovative webbing solutions for a diverse range of market sectors. This is achieved through the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of our people.


Expertise - Aiming At A Target


Our commitment to excellent Customer Service remains at the core of our values. We are an approved and trusted supplier to a number of high-profile brands.


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We have invested in technology and processes to broaden our offering as our capabilities have expanded, due to demand and growing customer requirements.


A few examples include:

  • Injection Moulding Machine
  • Sonic Cutting Machine
  • New Warping Machine
  • New Shuttle Loom
  • Sublimation Printer

Injection Moulding Machine

Quality - ISO9001 Approved Supplier

Investment in new processes

Investment in technology

Supplier to Automotive OEMs and Aerospace

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