Bowmer Bond has many webbing solutions for applications

in the Retail and Logistics & Distribution sectors.


Pallet Restraining Straps


In terms of goods movement within a warehouse or preparing goods to be transported from a distribution centre to a retail outlet, the main objective is that the goods can be moved efficiently, safely and remain undamaged during movement or transit. The lightweight, strong, durable and reusable nature of webbing provides the ideal solution to strap down, secure and retain packaged goods and loaded pallets.

Warehouse Aisle

Storage Cage Straps

Roll Cage Straps

Within a store, warehouse or stockroom environment, roll cages are often used to move stock from one location out to the shop floor or other storage area. The roll cage strap is a great solution for product retention, ensuring stock can be redistributed safely and securely.

Retail Shopping Trolleys

In the store environment where shopping trolleys are used, there are several applications for webbing and webbing assemblies: Lap straps and harnesses for child restraint in shopping trolleys, providing a strong and durable solution. In addition, spare and replacement straps can be supplied to trolley refurbishment service companies.

Child Seats On Trolleys

Trolley Collection Straps

Trolley Collection Straps

For the ease of collecting and moving trolleys, the trolley collection strap is an ideal solution. Using webbing made from polyester or polypropylene yarn, a webbing assembly can be produced for this end-use.

Trolley Collection Strap

Queue Management Systems

Retractable belt barriers are often used in hotels, restaurants, banks, post offices, concerts and anywhere else where crowds or queues need to be directed or controlled. Bowmer Bond webbing can be designed, manufactured and supplied to provide the belt component used as a retractable cordon ideal for managing and directing queues or to cordon off areas to pedestrians. These belts are typically made from polyester and can be manufactured according to the customer’s specification in a range of lengths, widths, colours, thicknesses, etc. We also have the facility to print the webbing with any messages, pattern, branding or logos required.

Queue Management Systems

Retail: Market Sector Areas and Applications:

  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Packaging


  • Queue Management
  • Supermarkets

Trolley Collection Strap

Shopping Trolley Lap straps for child safety

Social Distancing Straps to cordon off seating areas

Queue Management Systems

(Belts for Retractable barriers)

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