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Whether it be high-performance sports equipment, reliably strong climbing gear or the aesthetic and functionality of a high end bag strap, it is often attention to detail in design, finish and performance that defines a brand and delivers the level of quality your customer expects.

Webbing and straps from Bowmer Bond can help deliver that performance and differentiate your product, adding value and elevating it to the preferred choice.

The Leisure and Outdoor sectors cover a varied spectrum of industries ranging from Equestrian, Sport, Fashion and Lifestyle, to Tents, Marquees and Awnings.

Bowmer Bond supplies webbing into a wide variety of applications in the Leisure and Outdoor sectors, such as:

Traditional & Heritage Applications:

  • Military Tailoring
  • Fashion, Lifestyle & Heritage
  • Pet & Equestrian
  • Country Pursuits (Fishing and Shooting Apparel and Equipment)
  • Furnishings, Trim Webbings & Bindings

Trim Webbings & Bindings For Furnishings

Kite Surfing and outdoor leisure activities webbing and straps applications

Technical & Performance Applications:

  • Outdoor Clothing & Equipment
  • Horticultural
  • Indoor Sports Equipment
  • Water Sports
  • Winter Sports

The Leisure and Outdoor sector offers a vast and diverse range of opportunities and potential for webbing and webbing assemblies. This is a testament to the fact that webbing contributes, and adds value, to the performance and aesthetic of so many products, garments, accessories and apparel in these industries.

Some applications which have used Bowmer Bond products in their composition are:

  • Rucksacks
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Overgirth Straps (Equestrian)
  • High-performance outdoor clothing and equipment
  • Ski Poles
  • Hunting, Shooting, Fishing attire and accessories
  • Hosepipe components
  • Gymnastic trampolines
  • Webbings and bindings for use in the manufacture of upholstery, for example, boat and caravan interiors.

Outdoor Leisure & Country Accessories: The Troutbeck bag by Chapman Bags, webbing strap by Bowmer Bond

In addition to the traditional and performance applications featured above, we are often approached by manufacturers to help with the design and innovation of new products.

A recent successful project within this sector is the development of a webbing watch strap using our Heritage 1795 shuttle loom webbing.

If you have a Leisure or Outdoor application for webbing or a webbing assembly, please contact us on +44(0)1335 342244 or complete the web contact form.

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