New Product Development

In cases where a customer has a very specific webbing requirement dictated by the end-use application, and this requirement does not exist within the current portfolio, Bowmer Bond can offer a Product Development Service.

A close working relationship with the customer during this process is key to ensuring the success of the new product development.

Webbing solutions for product-specific applications often require tailoring to meet the standards required by the final product and its application.

Our team of webbing experts possesses more than 150 year’s collective experience in the Narrow Fabrics industry. This combined knowledge, coupled with our Product Development System (PDS) and ISO9001 Quality Management System, enables us to provide a methodical and reliable process for the development of an appropriate solution.


The possibilities are (almost) endless! The key webbing characteristics which can be combined to meet requisite criteria are:

  • Yarn Type
  • Yarn Count
  • No. of Yarn Ends
  • No. of Picks
  • Weave pattern
  • Purpose Specific Construction
  • Elongation
  • Break Strength
  • Width & Thickness
  • Specialised Finishes
  • Printing


New technology

Some examples of the Webbing Characteristics offered:


  • Herringbone
  • Twill
  • Plain
  • Satin
  • Pebble
  • Tubular


Minimum: 4mm*

Maximum: 210mm*


Minimum: > 0.5mm*

Maximum: 3mm*

*Please note that these are the typical width and thickness ranges for our webbing production BUT this is not prescriptive and we are not limited to these – if we can do it, we will.


  • Anti-static
  • Water-repellent
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti-Rot
  • Stiffening


  • Printing of a logo, brand or informative design on polyester webbing
  • Full colour range available and almost photographic quality achievable
  • No maximum repeat length


  • Conductive Yarn
  • Jacquard Webbing – for simple logos, branding or instructional message etc which are woven into the fabric of the webbing (minimum order quantities apply)

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