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Bowmer Bond is proud to introduce its latest Secubond® webbing innovation, Secubond® PF Low Melt PVC Coated Webbing.

Secubond® PF (Phthalate Free) is the newest addition to our Secubond® range of PVC-coated weldable webbing solutions, this new product is designed to be more sustainable.  A PVC coated webbing which is better for the environment and for the welfare of those welding and processing the webbing. 

By completely removing Phthalates from the process, Secubond® PF webbing is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC Coated Webbing.  

The Phthalate Free low melt coating is unique to Bowmer Bond, less energy is required to weld at the same speed permitted by a lower melting point when compared to traditional PVC coated webbings.  This feature allows for optimum welding performance at lower remelt temperatures without compromising on the features of the original Secubond® webbing. 

Customer trials have consistently demonstrated that less smoke is emitted from Secubond® PF webbing when welding under optimum conditions.  This serves to improve safety and welfare for both consumers and workers, in line with industry regulations and standards.

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Advantages of Secubond PF:

Secubond® PF maintains the characteristics of the standard Secubond® webbing such as enhanced durability, flexibility and environmental resistance with the added benefit of a low melting point coating that provides improved energy efficiency.

Other key features of Secubond® PF include –

  • Less Heat Energy Required: Secubond® PF requires less heat energy to reach the necessary welding temperature resulting in reduced energy consumption during the welding process
  • Efficient Fusion: The heat applied during the welding process quickly spreads through the PVC coating, ensuring efficient fusion and minimising energy losses
  • Shorter Welding Time: The combination of a lower melting point and rapid heat transfer allows for faster welding times
  • Greater Efficiency: As a result, less energy is required overall, reducing production time and enhancing efficiency

Production Efficiency and Improved Sustainability

As part of our strategic efforts to improve the sustainability of our products and processes, Secubond® PF contributes to improved manufacturing sustainability due to the reduced energy consumption involved in the welding process.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Manufacturers can reduce their energy consumption by choosing this more energy-efficient solution.  Independent tests have shown that, on average, energy consumption is reduced by 15%
  • Enhanced Production Efficiency: The reduced energy requirement also gives manufacturers the option to keep the same welding temperature whilst increasing the welding speed, leading to enhanced production efficiencies
  • Customisation Opportunities: The improved efficiency allows for greater customisation options as the process allows the webbing to become more flexible and adaptable to different application needs
  • Improved Product Quality: Welding Secubond® PF low-melt PVC-coated webbing with less energy helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the material.  Less risk of shrinkage, more control, plus strong and consistent welds
  • Lower Smoke Emissions:  When welded under optimum conditions, trials have proven that less smoke is emitted during the welding of Secubond® PF webbing.  


Unlocking the benefits of Secubond PF Low Melt Webbing

Durability and longevity:

  • The absence of phthalates does not compromise the durability and longevity of the Secubond PF low-melt PVC-coated webbing
  • As products in the industry move towards sustainable alternatives and evidence supporting calls to remove phthalates strengthens, Secubond® PF Low Melt will stand the test of time

Applications of Secubond® PF

  • Trailer Side Curtain reinforcement
  • Signage, banners and building wraps
  • Biogas and general agricultural covers (i.e., Silo covers)
  • Tensile structures
  • Temporary structures
  • Marquees, tents and big tops
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Oil retention inflatable booms


We have in-house test facilities for yarn testing, webbing testing and PVC welding performance.

We use external, internationally-recognised institutions for industry-specific testing, e.g. DEKRA, SATRA and BTTG.

Secubond® PF Low Melt webbing has been tested at SATRA – an independent research and testing organisation in the UK – where a complete absence of Phthalates has been proven.   The test report from SATRA is available to view below.

All Secubond® webbings and solutions are designed for high performance.  However, like all PVC-coated webbing, welding performance is impacted as the product ages.  Optimal results will be achieved from product that has undergone recent manufacture.  To ensure the best outcomes are achieved, we recommend that all processors and stockholders manage their inventory effectively by adhering to a stock rotation system.  Our customers’ success is our priority, we’re here to help you make the most of our products’ capabilities.

Secubond® PF Phthalate Free Low Melt webbing adheres to the requirements of the EN 12641:2007 curtainsider design standard.

SATRA Report

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