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Fibre Types

Bowmer Bond uses a variety of fibre types to weave webbings suitable for your end use

Light & Medium Weight Webbing

Customised to your requirements

Printed & Jacquard Webbing

Printed Webbing for La Martina Polo


Whilst the weaving of narrow fabrics, or 'webbing', is our core capability, we also carry out a range of additional processes to add specific properties to the webbing or to create end-use specific webbing assemblies and solutions. We also dye, cut, print, finish, coat, sew and assemble to deliver a webbing product specific to your requirements

PVC Coated Weldable Webbing

Shuttle Loom Webbing

The 'Heritage by Bowmer Bond' range of Shuttle Loom webbings is manufactured at our 150-year-old textile mill in Ashbourne

Webbing Assemblies

We create a wide range of Webbing Assemblies (Made-up Units), sewn webbing straps and cam buckle straps

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