Webbing use in the Industrial sector is where problem-solving and innovation can take centre stage.

In applications that require tensile strength and abrasion resistance, whilst also having a need for the flexibility plus heat or chemical resistance not afforded by other materials, webbing is the ideal solution.

Thanks to its versatility and multi-faceted properties, webbing is often a popular choice to replace rope, chain or steel wire in industrial applications.

The Industrial applications are broadly split into two main areas:

Fabrication – Process support

Industrial and Commercial Areas for the application of Webbing


  • Manufacturing
  • Conveyor Belting
  • Oil and Gas – Pipelines and Safety
  • Hydraulic Hose Systems
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Industrial Hose and Wire Protection
  • Seals and Protective Sleeves




  • Commercial Laundry Equipment
  • Cleaning, Hygiene and Janitorial Equipment


There is a great potential for many applications across the Industrial sector, however, examples of existing uses of Bowmer Bond webbings include:

Mains Water and Gas Pipelines

  • In the electrofusion process when jointing PE pipes or stack loading tapping tees and saddles.
  • Webbing is used within underclamp belts which are applied during the electrofusion process to apply the required loading pressure for fusion to commence.

Pipelines where webbing has been used within the underclamp belts

Professional Janitorial Sector & Commercial Cleaning Equipment

In the janitorial sector, webbing can be used as fixing straps to tether and secure components to buckets, trays and trolleys. The uses are varied within this sector with a wide scope for webbing applications from medical cleaning trolleys to rapid response cleaning systems.


webbing applications for Medical Profession



Work at Height Safety

Industrial Process Support for Pultrusion

Webbing can be used as a process support textile in the manufacture of pultruded rods for use in many types of applications across various industries, from the sporting goods industry to agriculture to the oil and gas industry.




PVC-coated webbing for BioGas Plant

BioGas, Agricultural Covers, Tensile Structures & Geotextiles

Secubond® PVC coated webbing can be used to join or reinforce tensile structures, covers and membranes in the agricultural and geotextile industries. Our PVC-coated webbing is the core product around which the Secubond® brand and range have been developed. Available in a range of colours, our market-leading product delivers quality, reliability and performance in addition to fast welding speeds and strength of weld.

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