Existing Product Customisation

As a result of our long history specialising in the design and manufacture of woven narrow fabrics, Bowmer Bond has the experience, expertise and knowledge to offer customisation of the existing product portfolio.

Product customisation is a process in which we make modifications to an existing webbing product design to meet the requirements of a product-specific application.





There are many features of the webbing that can be changed as follows:

  • Yarn Type
  • Weave Construction
  • Weave Pattern
  • Width & Thickness
  • Colour
  • Finish
  • Printing

Webbing Manufacturing Machinery

In addition to basic webbing, we are also able to offer webbing based products via the addition of various processes such as:

Finishing: The application of finishes to the webbing to add further properties such as water resistance, rot-proofing, stiffening.

Cutting: We can offer cut lengths of webbing, cut to specific lengths to suit your requirements. Also cut to length in preparation for further processing such as sewing to make webbing assemblies. Cutting processes offered: Heat, Cold and Ultrasonic.

Webbing Assembly: We have a highly-skilled sewing department with machinists who can put together webbing assemblies of varying types: sewn with buckles, clips, D-rings or the addition of rivets, eyelets etc.

Printing: For orders of 100 metres and above, we offer the option of printed webbings. We have an in-house printing facility using the heat sublimation method.

We strongly believe that working closely with our customers is the key to success in this process. We will work with you to develop your product and provide a complete solution.

Elevate your product with a customised webbing:


Bespoke Webbing Watch Strap




Outdoor Leisure & Country Accessories: The Troutbeck bag by Chapman Bags, webbing strap by Bowmer Bond


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