With quality and innovation at its core, Bowmer Bond introduces Secubond®, a range of PVC-coated weldable webbing solutions.

SecuBond® products combine cost-effective solutions with assured strength, durability, flexibility and performance.

Secubond PVC Coated Range

The PVC-coated range includes:

Weldable Zip

Weldable ParaAramid Webbing

Weldable Woven Loop Webbing

Weldable Zip Keder

Weldable Webbing


Secubond ® Zip

A ground-breaking solution for the fast, effective joining of textile structures. PVC-coated after weaving, it completely eliminates the need for sewing while ensuring joins are strong, durable and water-resistant.

PVC Coated Weldable Zip - Marquees & Tents

Blue Truck With Secubond Webbing

SecuBond® Para-Aramid Webbing

A range of para-aramid webbings engineered to satisfy applications requiring more specialist performance such as tensile strength and elongation control.

SecuBond® Woven-loop Webbing

Our “loop” webbing technology offers a weldable surface on one side and an attachment loop on the other. The super-strong structure with a breaking strain of around 175Kgf eliminates the need for metal grommets or pre-assembly.

Building Wrap

Secubond Zip Keder

Secubond® Zip Keder

The PVC Coated Weldable Moulded Zip Keder allows for greater flexibility than traditional keder. With its ability to work around small radius corners or roll up, it is ideal for use in High Speed Roller Doors.

Secubond® Webbing

Available in a range of colours, our market-leading product delivers quality, reliability and performance as well as fast welding speeds and strength of weld. Making it ideal for a broad range of industries and applications.

PVC Coated Weldable Webbing - Side Curtain Reinforcement

Making it ideal for use in an infinite range of applications, including:

  • Truck side curtains
  • Signage, banners and building wraps
  • Bio gas and general agricultural covers including silo covers
  • Tensile structures
  • Marquees and tents
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Oil containment booms


SecuBond ® is a Bowmer Bond Innovation

Established in 1795, Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics is a leading manufacturer of innovative textile, webbing-based solutions, supplying more than 25 countries worldwide. Bowmer Bond is also the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of PVC coated webbing suitable for hot-air or high-frequency welding.


View the Secubond ® presentation

View the presentation below to see an overview of the Secubond ® range which can be used with either High Frequency or Hot Air Welding techniques:

Our range of colours, widths and breaking strains is unparalleled within the industry. We are always happy to discuss your requirements for non-standard products.

Secubond ® Product Sheets

Available to download and save:

SecuBond® Zip

SecuBond® Para-Aramid Webbing

SecuBond® Woven-loop Webbing

SecuBond® Webbing

Secubond® Zip Keder

Secubond® Woven Loop Webbing for Truck Roofs and Automotive Applications

Introducing Secubond®

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