Our Core Processes

At Bowmer Bond, we have a portfolio of processes, in addition to weaving, which significantly increases the services we can offer.

Coupled with our market-leading capacity, these processes enable us to expand on our core capability to offer a range of solutions to meet our customers’ changing requirements.

Needle Loom Weaving

Our core capability at Bowmer Bond is the weaving of narrow fabrics. Our weaving department, at the heart of the mill in Ashbourne, houses narrow fabric weaving needle looms which are operated and maintained by our fully trained, skilled weavers, technicians and engineers both day and night.

The vast majority of Bowmer Bond webbing is produced in this way as it combines speed and efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

Narrow Fabric Manufacturing Reels

Jacquard Weaving

Jacquard Weaving

Using this method, we first design the lettering or pattern to the customers’ requirements, taking into account the webbing width, colours and repeat spacing. Our specialist Jacquard looms are then programmed to weave the lettering into the body of the webbing. The lettering, pattern or simple logo appears on one side and the reverse is plain.

Jacquard webbing is generally produced in Polypropylene. Our minimum production for jacquard webbing is 5,000 metres.

Shuttle Loom Weaving

The Heritage 1795 brand fully woven edge webbing is the original narrow fabric product. The webbing is woven on traditional shuttle looms and can be produced using natural fibres for a high-quality finish. This webbing combines a beautiful aesthetic with high performance and durability.

Shuttle Loom Weaving

Printed Webbing


Bowmer Bond offers printed webbing. Using the sublimation transfer process, we are able to print polyester webbing with promotional, branding, safety or other messages up to photographic quality with outstanding results.


We offer a full range of options for coloured webbings. Depending upon the desired result and the end-use of the product, we offer Dope, Yarn and Piece Dyeing to the customer’s specification. The widest range of colours available is in Polypropylene.


We can supply webbing in pre-cut lengths ready for the customer’s own processing or we can cut the webbing in-house as preparation for the sewing department to create webbing assemblies via the addition of buckles, clips, rivets or other accessories. We have various methods to cut webbing: cold cutting, hot cutting and sonic cutting.

Sewing Machine


In addition to webbing production, Bowmer Bond has an established sewing department. We are able to create a wide range of webbing assemblies, sewn webbing straps and cam buckle straps. Webbing assemblies are manufactured by our skilled staff using our specialist industrial sewing machines to lockstitch, bartack or flag stitch to our customers’ specifications. For volume orders, we can programme special stitch patterns.


We offer the option of webbing finishes to add various properties such as Anti-bacterial, Rot-proof, Water-repellent, Stiffened and Flame-Retardant.


Secubond Innovation


We have a large PVC coating facility where we coat our Polyester webbing to produce PVC coated weldable webbing. To find further information, visit our Secubond page to view the solutions available.

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