Printed & Jacquard Webbing

Webbing for Branding, Advertising and Promotion can be produced in two ways:

To enhance your product assembly, Bowmer Bond offersoffer Jacquard weaving or printing for the addition of brand, advertising, promotional, safety or instructional messaging on webbing. Applications can include anything from belts and rucksacks, bag straps and climbing harnesses, to transit packaging and rigging.


Skylotec Webbing Reels

Jacquard Woven Webbing

Using the Jacquard weaving method, lettering and patterns designed to customer requirements are woven into Polypropylene webbing. Specialist Jacquard looms are programmed to weave the design into the body of the webbing, taking into account the width, colours and repeat spacing. The lettering appears on one side and the reverse is plain.

Advantages of Jacquard weaving:

  • Virtually unlimited patterning options
  • Elaborate and intricate designs possible
  • Woven pattern will not fade or wear off
  • Ideal for larger quantities

Printed Webbing

Using the sublimation transfer process, we are able to print Polyester webbing with branding, promotional, safety or other messaging up to photographic quality with outstanding results.

Key features of webbing printing:

  • Accurately reproduced artwork
  • Permanent and colourfast printing
  • Double- or single-sided printing
  • Available in 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and 50mm standard widths
  • Minimum order quantity – 100 metres for standard webbing and for lighter weight bindings
  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality results
  • Ideal solution for lower quantity requirements

Printed Webbing Facility

Promotional Narrow Fabrics

  • The ideal choice to elevate and enhance your garment, textile assembly, handle or strap
  • Choose from Printed or Jacquard Webbing depending on your requirements
  • Printed Webbing is a cost-effective solution that gives high-quality results, the perfect solution for lower quantity requirements*
  • Jacquard Webbing is woven on specialist looms where your design, logo or message is woven into the webbing.  Ideal for larger quantities
  • Both options have the potential to elevate the appearance of a product as well as provide differentiation to similar products on the market



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  • The resulting finish is professional and high-end, these webbings can create a certain ‘added value’ for the end product whilst enhancing the image of a brand
  • Custom-branded products help your company’s product to stand out from the competition
  • Having your business’s brand name or logo woven into a webbing strap is a great way to elevate your product
  • The addition of your logo to a webbing also ensures that your brand or message is visible to the audiences you wish to reach
  • This type of webbing can enhance the look of many items from belts to rucksacks, bag straps, climbing harnesses, or transit packaging
Promotional Narrow Fabrics

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Printed & Jacquard

Discover more about the advantages, designs and customisation of our Jacquard Webbing.

Example of a printed webbing made into a finished product by the customer

Options for branding, messages and promotions using woven narrow fabrics

Jacquard webbing with safety message

We work in partnership with our customers to achieve a product which satisfies not only the functional and visual aspects of the application but also to ensure that our webbing products meet the required industry standards.

Jacquard webbing example

The Jacquard machine is a device fitted to a weaving loom that simplifies the process of manufacturing textiles with complex patterns.

Bowmer Bond has high-skilled weaving and printing departments. Our webbing specialists are always on hand to offer advice or make a recommendation, please get in touch via our web contact form or call on +44 (0)1335 342244

Printed Webbing Facility

Printed Webbing Facility

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