Bowmer Bond Narrow Fabrics Limited can trace its origins back to 1795 when Morton Bond started his tape manufacturing business. The company was later merged with John Bowmer and Sons.

The ‘Heritage by Bowmer Bond’ range of webbings manufactured within our 150-year-old Ashbourne mill represents a return to the original method of narrow fabric weaving.

The shuttle looms operate in the same way as the looms that marked the start of the Industrial Revolution and, whilst they may appear slow and unsophisticated in comparison to their modern counterparts, the product they create harks back to a previous era where quality and craftsmanship mattered above all else.

Heritage Shuttle Loom

Experienced Artisans

Our main factory in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, is a Victorian Mill dating back to 1866 and is set in picturesque countryside adjacent to the River Dove at the gateway to the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. We also have another weaving mill in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The company is proud of its heritage and has made every effort to retain the natural beauty of the site whilst developing the original floor space from 35000 sq ft (3251m2) to its current size of 54000 sq ft (5016m2) which houses high-tech, high-speed needle looms. The Bowmer Bond workforce is made up of over 100 employees, all highly skilled in their own areas of expertise, with many of them being long-serving or following in their families’ footsteps, along with many staff members who have brought new ideas and working methods to the business.

Our People

Experienced artisans employing the traditional methods of hands-on shuttle loom weaving

Shuttle loom weaving is very much a labour-intensive operation. The insertion of the weft by way of a shuttle pin requires regular intervention by the weaver to replenish the empty pin and keep the loom supplied.

The skill of the weaver is to maintain the quality and straightness of the edges as this yarn is replenished. The rolling and 100% inspection of the finished product is carried out entirely by hand and with the human eye.

Prior to manufacturing, our highly experienced technical and design team work with the customer to create exactly the product required.

Our Product

Crafted in the Peak District on the Derbyshire-Staffordshire border, the Heritage 1795 fully woven edge webbing is the original narrow fabric product.

The webbing is woven on traditional, wooden shuttle looms within a Victorian textile mill situated next to the River Dove.

Produced using natural fibres for a high-quality finish, this webbing combines a beautiful aesthetic with high performance and durability.

Typical Applications

Differentiate and elevate your product with bespoke designed and fully woven edge webbing

For customers aspiring to produce an exclusive product for a niche market, where the quantity potential is limited

Bag Handles and Straps

Fashion Accessories

Shoe Trim

Luggage Straps



Regimental Regalia

Natural Fibres

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