Options for branding, messages and promotions using woven narrow fabrics:

Jacquard Woven Webbing

Using this method of weaving, Bowmer Bond designs the pattern or lettering to the customer’s requirements taking into account the webbing width, colours and repeat spacing. Our specialist jacquard looms are programmed to weave the lettering into the body of the webbing. The lettering or pattern appears on one side of the webbing and the reverse is plain. Jacquard webbing is generally produced in Polypropylene.

Printed Polyester Webbing

Using the sublimation transfer process, we are able to print polyester webbing with promotional, safety or other messages. Should your requirements not extend to our minimum production quantities*, a printed webbing is a cost-effective solution that gives high-quality, up to photographic quality, results for standard and lighter weight bindings with a minimum order quantity of 100 metres.

*minimum production quantities vary by product, please contact us for further information.



Examples of Promotional Applications

Flags / Bunting:

Polypropylene tape is commonly used as bunting tape. In recent years, we have been asked how to recycle the product more quickly and efficiently as the pennants (paper) and tape (polypropylene) have to be separated to recycle. Bowmer Bond has suggested that cotton bunting tape may be a preferable solution to eliminate the need to separate the pennants from the tape.

Cotton has inherently different properties to polypropylene and may be better for this end-use: Cotton is a cellulosic fibre and paper is a cellulosic material. As such, they will both decompose at a similar rate and can, therefore, be composted together. However, being a natural fibre, cotton will have a shorter useful ‘outdoor’ life than polypropylene as the material can be attacked by micro-organisms.

In bunting production, care must be taken that the thread used to sew the product is also biodegradable to ensure a fully recyclable product.



Signage & Banners:


The Secubond® Woven Loop Webbing replaces the need for pre-assembled sections of PVC strip with metal grommet inserts. The Bowmer Bond innovation of a PVC coated weldable woven loop webbing is more efficient, cost-effective and enables faster deployment. A popular application for the webbing is the fixing of large format signage and building wraps.


Promotional Applications

Popular applications in the Promotional sector:

  • Home and Workwear: Aprons, tea towels, uniforms
  • Bunting Tape
  • Signage and banners
  • Print and Advertising
  • Stationery


Jacquard Webbing

Safety Messages

Home and Workwear

Printed Webbing

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