Cotton Tape

Cotton is one of the best fibres for apparel such as webbing tape for clothing or workwear, due to its comfort, washability and ability to deal with perspiration.

  • Strength – cotton tape is relatively strong (3-5 grams/denier) and gets stronger when wet.
  • Moisture – cotton webbing tape has the ability to absorb some moisture without feeling damp.This makes it a good choice for clothing.
  • Elongation – the fibres will only extend by 5-10%, however, the take up in the yarn and webbing will take this to around 15%.
  • Cotton can be dyed to virtually any shade. Colour fastness will vary according to type of dye and shade required.
  • Cotton will stand elevated temperatures for many hours (up to 120°C) although it will turn yellow. It will decompose at 150°C).
  • Flammability – cotton burns easily. We can apply finishes that will slow the burn rate down or make the cotton self-extinguish. These finishes are water-soluble and can be washed out.
  • Cotton will stand weak acids but strong acids break it down. It is very resistant to alkalis and this means that cotton will stand up to repeated washing.

Please contact us with details of your cotton tape requirements. We will be happy to make recommendations and offer advice. We have a flexible approach to manufacturing and we can also offer the facility of holding contract stock for call-off.

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