The relationship between Bowmer Bond and a Transit Packaging manufacturer began in 2019 when they approached Bowmer Bond for discussions on a new project utilising their existing product.

The business, located in Yorkshire, is a multi-award-winning UK manufacturer, dedicated to the design and manufacture, sale and pooling of Returnable Transit Packaging solutions across a diverse range of industries. They pride themselves on being market-leading innovators working in partnership with customers to develop cutting-edge solutions.

The development project was in relation to their existing pallet lid range. We were approached with a proposal to weave a jacquard webbing and to assist with the sub-assembly of a cassette that houses the webbing within the pallet lid. This is a patented design, exclusive to the manufacturer.

Transit Packaging

Eco-friendly: Space-saving and waste eliminating 

The USP of the pallet lid is that it is a non-waste method that reduces the level of scrap packaging waste, including shrink-wrap and disposable pallet strapping. The company estimates that the use of 108 million metres of stretch wrap has been eliminated through the use of the Pallet Lid in just one year (2019/2020). The pallet lids can also be stacked and stored when not in use.

The Pallet-Lid system allows for the double-stacking of pallets which also ensures effective utilisation of space on a vehicle which, in turn, reduces the number of trucks required by 40%. The benefits of increased vehicle fill show that the system is able to provide a better footprint than roll cages.

Safe and efficient movement of goods

This solution is ideal for use in many areas of the Retail sector, especially in the Logistics and Distribution environment where the fast deployment and secure movement of palletised goods are essential to smooth operation in large distribution centres.

Logistics and Distribution

In terms of goods movement, within a warehouse or preparing goods to be transported from a distribution centre to a retail outlet, the main objective is that the goods can be moved efficiently, safely and remain undamaged during movement or transit. The lightweight, strong, durable and reusable nature of webbing provides the ideal solution to strap down, secure and retain packaged goods and loaded pallets.

How did Bowmer Bond add value and assist with the project? 

Our customer’s product was invented and first brought to the market with the intention of replacing 220,000 tonnes of stretch wrap and other consumable packaging resources being used, each year, in the UK at that time. Since the launch of the first product, they have introduced several innovative returnable packaging solutions and have expanded their reach across the globe.

VALUE: Capacity, Flexibility, Quality and Knowledge 

It may be surprising to learn that our customer has their own established weaving department for the manufacture of the webbing straps used in the Pallet Lid. However, they approached Bowmer Bond to assist with scaling up their operation to service a new project for the Pallet Lid.

Bowmer Bond was able to offer a full solution encompassing both the weaving of the jacquard webbing and the sub-assembly of the cassettes plus the sewing of the webbing via a third party.

The involvement of Bowmer Bond enabled the company to increase its growth and provided them with the flexibility of using Bowmer Bond’s weaving capacity. This, combined with confidence in the quality of Bowmer Bond’s jacquard webbing, meant that they could ramp up their production as well as focus on the development of a turnkey solution to meet the specific requirements of their end customer.


ASSISTANCE: Innovation and Product Development 

Owing to the strength of its supply chain, Bowmer Bond was able to respond to the demands of the project. In partnership with Bowmer Bond, our customer was in a position to react quickly to the volumes of webbing and cassettes required. Further to this, they were also able to draw on the knowledge and resources of Bowmer Bond to address design changes and to continue with product development if any issues arose during the prototype phase or during the initial rollout of the product.


 Outcomes for the end-user 

  • Space Saving
  • Waste eliminating
  • Time-saving: Reduction from 3 minutes to stretch wrap one pallet down to 20 seconds to apply the pallet lid
  • Increased vehicle fill: Fewer journeys = fewer trucks on the road

Outcomes for our Customer 

  • Extension of their capacity for the jacquard woven webbing
  • Flexibility
  • Consistency of Quality
  • Ability to scale up production quickly
  • Full solution
  • Assistance with Product Development
  • Innovation and Problem solving

Posted 10th February 2022 by Bowmer Bond

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