Which Technical Webbing is Right for Your Project?

There are a large number of technical webbing options on the market, designed for high performance and maximum strength. The most suitable technical webbing for your project depends on a range of factors. In this post we look at real-world examples and high performance webbing specifications to help you decide which one is best for your application.

Meta-Aramid Webbing

Meta-aramid is a wet-spun technical fibre known for its high heat resistance, and is commonly used in automotive, aerospace and marine applications. Nomex® is a well-known brand name for one type of this fibre from Dupont. This high performance webbing is a popular choice for electrical insulation products, heat shields, and protective clothing and equipment where the user is liable to be subject to heat and flame, such as firefighting or safety equipment for racing drivers. 

Properties of Meta-Aramid Webbing

The main benefit of using meta-aramid webbing is its high heat resistance. While less strong than some other forms of technical webbing, meta-aramid material has a higher level of heat resistance than its counterparts, making it an ideal choice for applications where heat and flame exposure is a key consideration.  Meta-aramid webbing has a number of other benefits, including:  Chemical degradation resistance - This type of performance webbing can withstand the effects of strong alkalis and acids, as well as organic solvents at room temperature Ultraviolet (UV) resistance - Meta-aramid webbing has higher resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays compared to other forms of high performance webbing materials Durability - This type of technical webbing is a highly durable, offering longevity and confidence in performance for long periods of time

Para-Aramid Webbing

Para-Aramid is a generic title for the fibre or yarn from well-known brands such as Kevlar® (from DuPont) and Technora® (from Teijin Aramid). Para-Aramid fibre is primarily known for its high strength. It is a high performance material which is flame retardant and chemical resistant, though, while higher in strength, it is less resistant to flame and chemicals than meta-aramid webbing. It is a popular choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where strength and durability are key, such as impact protective equipment from motorbike gloves to bulletproof vests.

Properties of Para-Aramid Webbing

As noted above, Para-Aramid webbing possesses fire and chemical resistant properties, but is also known for a range of other benefits including:  Abrasion resistance - Making it a great choice in protective equipment and in applications where webbing will be under repetitive strain Limited Elongation - Para-Aramid high performance webbing does not suffer elongation from repeated tightening such as in straps and where webbing is placed under considerable weight  

UHMwPE Webbing (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)

UHMwPE webbing is an exceptionally strong technical webbing material, used in a wide range of industries and sectors around the world. A UHMwPE fibre and fabric brand name you may recognise is DYNEEMA® (from DSM). This type of high performance webbing is created using a unique gel spinning process, producing high crystallisation and low density. Despite being stronger than most alternatives, the resulting technical webbing woven from this fibre is the same weight or lighter than other webbing types.  To quote the DSM brand webpage for Dyneema fibre and fabric, it is “as strong as steel, yet light enough to float” when used in certain formats. Industries which commonly use products made from or containing UHMwPE webbing include the oil and gas industries, who favour UHMwPE for its resistance to UV rays, gasoline, and chemicals, as well as its ability to float on water. It is also used in automotive and marine sectors thanks to its strength and weight, and in other outdoor and leisure pursuits due to its ability to withstand the elements and not freeze.

Properties of UHMwPE Webbing

UHMwPE webbing has a number of advantages over other webbing types, including:  Increased strength - This type of high performance webbing offers exceptional strength in almost all conditions Weight - As a lightweight option, this webbing can float on water and save time and fuel when used in transportation automotive applications Resistance - UHMwPE technical webbing is resistant to chemicals, fuel spills, the elements and UV light  

Other High Performance Webbing Options

That covers the three main types of high performance webbing materials, their benefits, and real life examples of their applications. But there are other options when it comes to technical webbing, such as Secubond®.

Secubond® from Bowmer Bond

Bowmer Bond is proud to offer an innovative range of technical webbing solutions, Secubond®, to the high performance webbing market. Secubond® is a PVC-coated, weldable webbing solution offering assured strength and durability and eliminating the need for sewing. The Secubond® range includes:
  • Weldable Zip
  • Weldable ParaAramid Webbing
  • Weldable Woven Loop Webbing
  • Weldable Zip Keder
  • Weldable Webbing
Secubond® is an excellent choice for a wide range of technical webbing applications from building wraps and silo covers, to swimming pool covers and tents.  You can read more about the Secubond® range of high performance webbing options here.  Technical webbing is a specialist market with a handful of well-known brands. Bowmer Bond offers high performance webbing woven from yarn purchased from carefully selected, high quality yarn manufacturers to ensure only the highest quality products. 

Bowmer Bond Technical & High Performance Webbing Specialists

If you are looking for technical webbing you can find out more about our range on the technical webbing page.  Alternatively contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements and get a quote today.

Posted 19th April 2022 by Bowmer Bond

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