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Bowmer Bond is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of high strength technical webbing and narrow fabrics to a range of industries including those in the automotive, aerospace and safety sectors. Specialising in high performance technical webbing for “many market sectors”, Bowmer Bond has been in business since 1795 and offers the skills and experience to supply the most suitable webbing for your project.

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Our Technical Webbing Range

Bowmer Bond manufactures a wide range of technical webbing solutions designed for high performance whilst providing enhanced safety for users.

For special performance applications where high strength, low modulus and flame retardant properties are paramount, Bowmer Bond can produce webbings from Technora®, Nomex®, Kevlar® and Dyneema® or equivalent fibres.

Bowmer Bond high performance webbings offer many sought after features such as temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance, with each having unique qualities differentiating it from other technical webbings. If you are unsure which webbing is best for your project, speak to an adviser today.

All technical webbings manufactured by Bowmer Bond use fully traceable raw materials. Our manufacturing process operates to the standards of our quality management system which is certified to ISO9001. We are also able to supply product testing, and certification of conformity on request, please get in touch to discuss this further. Find out more about our webbing quality processes here.

Technical Webbing Applications & Industries

Technical webbing is used in a multitude of applications and industries including but not limited to: 

High-performance sports gear

High performance sports equipment & sportswear - Used in harnesses, ropes, slings, anchors and much more.

Aerospace applications

Aerospace - Webbing is a fundamental material in straps and belts, netting, covers and more.

Automotive Safety

Automotive - Technical webbings are used to create automotive parts including straps, tethers , belts and bindings

Emergency Services

Emergency services - High performance webbing is used in the production of rescue equipment, helmets, utility belts, uniforms and much more.

Here are the types of Technical Webbing that includes Para-Aramid, Meta-Aramid and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Webbing.

Custom Technical Webbing Solutions

Bowmer Bond is pleased to offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in technical webbing applications. With a successful track record  in creating innovative custom webbing solutions for all industries, Bowmer Bond can develop technical webbing designed to fit your vision. Read more about our webbing customisation services here. 

If you have a project which requires a specialist webbing construction, please contact us via the web contact form or call us on +44 (0)1335 342244.

Our experience and expertise in narrow fabrics coupled with our knowledge of speciality yarns enable us to provide solutions for more demanding, technical applications.

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