There are many Technical Webbing options available that are designed for high-performance and maximum strength. Deciding on the most suitable technical webbing depends on an array of factors.

Meta-Aramid Webbing

Meta-aramid webbings such as Nomex® possess many of the same features as Para-aramids but tend to be used in slightly different applications. The Meta-aramid fibre is usually manufactured by wet spinning and is often used in protective clothing for firefighters and other emergency/rescue services due to its high-temperature resistance and its properties in chemical degradation and abrasion.

Other fibres belonging to this group are Conex® and Kermel®. Meta-aramids offer many benefits for high-performing safety applications due to the way the fibres cope with heat transfer.

Firefighters wearing protective clothing with high performance technical webbing

Para-Aramid Webbing

Para-Aramid webbings possess a range of features and benefits that make it ideal for high-performance applications where high tensile strength, low elongation and temperature resistance are important.

The Bowmer Bond Secubond® range of PVC coated para-aramid webbings offers benefits for applications that involve the restraint of load movement whilst still able to provide functionality via buckle use or ratchet fixing.


Para-aramid webbing is the generic name for well-known materials such as Kevlar® from Dupont® which has endless opportunities for applications such as aerospace and automotive components, industrial safety and protective clothing such as body armour. Technora® and Twaron® also belong to this family of products.

Para-aramid webbings are the most versatile of the technical webbings. It is inherently flame retardant and does not melt at high temperatures which is crucial in many high-performing safety applications. Further to this, Para-aramid is lightweight and provides high-tensile strength along with reduced extension under load.


Also known by the brand name Dyneema®, this fibre type is woven into webbing which delivers market-leading performance for tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Dyneema® offers excellent strength performance with low extension, therefore these webbings offer outstanding benefits in sports, leisure and outdoor applications.

This fibre family of webbings is ideal for applications which demand high strength (up to 15x stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than para-aramids on a weight for weight basis), lightweight and durable properties.

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